8 action items to protect your data and devices

Take 5 minutes to assess which of these 8 action items you still need to work on to protect your data and devices:

  • Have you evaluated the security of all your devices?
  • Do you lock your computer when you are away from it?
  •  Are your passwords securely stored?
  • Do you have a regular schedule to update your passwords?
  • Do you back up your work regularly?
  • Have you Googled your name recently to see what personal information is available worldwide?
  • Have you verified that all personal information on your devices are secure?

Security is everybody’s responsibility; self-evaluate which best practices you still need to improve:

Password Management: use strong passwords and change them frequently

Privacy Protection: be aware of private information and manipulate it accordingly; avoid storing confidential work on your work computer

Patch management: upgrade when prompted your OS and software

Anti-virus: regularly check for signature updates and perform a full scan

Browser hardening: use a tool such as Qualys to perform regular system scans to find missing security patches

Phishing/Spam: think before you click

Clean desktop: don’t leave confidential work material on your desk, always lock it.

Remember to keep watching for any unusual activity on your devices. Information. Technology updates its security site regularly, see what resources are available: http://it.uottawa.ca/security.

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