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Disk encryption is designed to encrypt all the contents of a hard drive such as data files, applications settings, executables, applications and the operating system. Lost and stolen devices are the main motivation to focus initially on laptops. Many University employees bring their laptops home, to meetings, to the local café, and carry them on buses, planes, trains, etc. – all places in which it is easy to forget a laptop or else turn around for a few seconds, and then discover the device is missing. Breaches are very expensive to deal with. Disk encryption will help mitigate the impact of these scenarios.

hard drive with lock
  • The security of your workstation will be greatly improved.
  • The entire contents of your hard disk will be encrypted.
  • University data on your workstation will be protected against accidental loss or theft of your computer.
Encryption schedule

Encryption schedule

The pilot phase started in March 2018 and we expect the project to end in April 2019. As of May 1, over 85 workstations had full disk encryption.

Date Sector
April 29-May 15 Faculty of Social Sciences
April 15-May 1 Faculty of Education
April 8-April 24 Faculty of Health Sciences
March 25-April 10 Faculty of Engineering
March 18-April 3 Faculty of Law, Civil Law section
March 11-March 27 Faculty of Science
March-April 2018
  • Information Technology
  • Office of Risk Management
  • Legal Services
  • Access to Information and Privacy Office
June 27-July 3
  • Food Services
  • Conventions and Reservations
  • Community Life
  • Office of AVP, Student Services
  • Professional Development
July 3-6
  • Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise
  • University of Ottawa Press
  • Innovation Support Service (formerly Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise) 
July 9-13
  • International Office
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies 
July 16-20
  • Research Grants & Ethics 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Office of the AVP Financial Resources 
  • Procurement 
July 23- 27
  • Student Academic Success Service 
July 30 – August 3
  • Co-op and Careers 
  • Treasury 
August 1 
  • Office of Risk Management 
August 7-10 
  • Housing 
August 13-17 
  • Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)
August 20-24
  • Facilities
September 17-21
  • External Relations
September 24-28
  • Protection Services
September 26
  • Office of VP Resources
October 17
  • Office of the Deputy Provost, Planning and Budgets
October 18
  • Office of the President
November 5
  • Office of the Registrar

December 3-7

  • Sports Services
  • Library
February 11-15

Faculty of Law, Common law

February 19-22 Human Resources
February 25-28 Faculty of Arts

* Other sectors will be added to the schedule gradually.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Desk

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