Email disclaimer to help protect your data

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

To increase the security of our systems and information and to help users recognize malicious emails, we recently implemented a security disclaimer on all emails incoming from external sources.

 external email | courriel externe

Since the implementation of this new measure, and based on feedback, we have made some changes to reduce the impact on users.

  • We have minimized the warning to only one line and reduced the font size. It is important to note the best practice in other universities and organizations is to consume two lines.
  • Our approach is recognized as a best practice and has been used in several Canadian and American universities and in many Western countries` public and private organizations.

We have recently seen a significant increase of security incidents involving campus staff including professors, students, and administrative employees. Action was necessary and we are taking various steps to avoid a major incident that other universities and colleges have experienced in recent months. 

Cyber security is a priority for the university including for the Administration Committee and the Board of Governors. IT recently informed the senior administration and the Audit Committee of the status of this new measure and both have endorsed it.

As mentioned, we are listening to the user community and we will mitigate the impacts as much as we can. However, our security posture needs to be strong and responsive to changes including various measures such as the email disclaimer.

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