Multi-factor authentication mandatory for new support staff at the University of Ottawa

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2019

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been rolled out to over 400 support staff at the University of Ottawa. The remaining faculties and services are to follow in the following months.

Starting March 27, new University of Ottawa support staff will need to use MFA to access VPN and other important University systems (e.g., VirtuO, uoCampus, Halogen, Concur, Sciquest, etc.).

The mobile phone provides the best user experience when using MFA, which was confirmed by more than 85% of the surveyed support staff. They prefer to use a mobile device to MFA instead of an IT-provided hardware token. If you do require a hardware token, these can be collected free-of-charge from the following locations:

  • Service Desk at Morisset Library, 1st Floor
  • Roger-Guindon Hall, Room 3028
  • 200 Lees, Room C141b
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