Procedure regarding MFA hardware tokens

Who is eligible for hardware tokens

Support staff that do not have a mobile phone paid by the University are eligible to receive an MFA hardware token.

When exceptions are required, the supervisor of the individual requesting an exception will submit a Self-Service Centre request that will include a valid business justification and their names. An answer will be provided within 2-3 business days.

What happens to the tokens of staff changing sectors

The MFA hardware tokens are tied to the individual and not the faculty or service where they are employed. Therefore, when staff change sectors, the employees will keep the token.

How to replace a hardware token

Eligible users receive their first token for free. Defective tokens or tokens that stop functioning prior to 3 years of use will be replaced free-of charge by Information Technology.

The cost for a replacement hardware token for MFA is $25.00 and it is invoiced to the individual's faculty or service.

To replace a lost or defective token:

  • Send us a Self-Service Centre request.
  • You will be instructed to visit a pick-up point to receive your new token and sign the appropriate form.

Recycling and returning MFA hardware tokens

MFA hardware tokens have a typical life of 3-5 years. Defective tokens are to be returned to Information Technology.

Recycling a token to a new employee

Support staff who leave the University may have their token given to a new individual. This helps extend the life of the token while minimizing replacement costs.

  • Send us a Self-Service Centre request including the serial number at the back of the token. If the serial number is no longer legible, identify the name of the previous employee who used the token. This will allow Information Technology to retrieve the token's information and recycle it to the new employee.

Returning a token

Tokens that are no longer functional or required are to be returned to Information Technology at these drop-off points:

  • Service Desk at Morisset Library, 1st Floor
  • Roger-Guindon Hall, Room 3028
  • 200 Lees, Room C141b
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