Social media tips

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Social media tips explanation given below


To help protect yourself from unwanted cyber attacks, your password and privacy settings are of the upmost importance. Make sure you use a different password for all your online accounts.

Social media channels often update their terms and conditions, which we never spend time reading. Review them this week! And update your settings in an appropriate manner.

Don’t share too much private information: where you live and work, who are your family members, what is your birth date, what are your pets’ names. This is information that can be used to hack into your accounts.

Check who you are connecting with to make sure they are not impersonators.

If you are using social media apps on your mobile devices, use a password to lock and unlock them.

A good way to check what private information exists online about yourself is to search your profiles on any search engine.

Take advantage of the multi-factor authentication software offered by some social media platforms. Multi-factor authentication keeps the hackers out even if they know your password.

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