Semi-annual IT Townhall - December 2016

The semi-annual IT Townhall was well attended by Information Technology staff on December 14, 2016. Smiles, laughs and jokes filled the room, as everyone was happy to celebrate the year’s successes.

Chief Information Officer, Danielle Levasseur, in her welcome words, shared her thanks to IT staff, for their commitment, dynamism, and tremendous work during the past few months. She pointed out the valuable work of everyone, and saluted the success of the SIS replacement project and everybody’s involvement on its fulfilment.

Michel Lapointe, Senior Director of IT Services and Infrastructure, outlined an IT evergreening plan for the next few years. That renewal project has plans to change network and Wi-Fi equipment, as well as the phone system. He also reviewed this year’s completed projects. 

Denis Trudeau, Senior Director of IT Solutions, focused his presentation on a project underway for HR. The scope of this project is to optimize HR application functions to centralize and reduce redundancy. For that to happen, a review of the HR business processes will be needed. Denis also talked about the research roadmap for which one of the recommendations involves the creation of a research datahub.

Lino Amato, Technical Lead and Project Director of the SIS Replacement project, addressed the key factors that led to the deployment success of uoCampus. He mentioned the challenges that were overcome, initiatives that were undertaken, management support, and everybody’s contribution to its realization.

“The lesson learned in that project is that we have to work with the user community and partners to reassess our processes and methods in order to modernize and make better use of a system,” said Danielle Levasseur.

Lino ended his presentation by ensuring that the team will continue to work closely with the user community to fix bugs, make improvements, and perform maintenance activities.

The IT Townhall ended with Marc-André Morisset, Enterprise Architect, presenting a progress report on enterprise architecture projects.

The event was followed by a staff lunch to celebrate the holidays and year-end. Danielle took the opportunity to express her appreciation to the managers who, throughout the year, have thoroughly supported their teams.

IT semi-annual townhall


IT semi-annual townhall



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