Service desk extended support hours

IT support analyst


Outside of regular office hours, after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends, the Service Desk is staffed by University of Ottawa students who have technical training. The students can assist you with:

  • Password resets and recovery for most uOttawa accounts (exception: access to the University’s Finance & HR systems);
  • Wireless configuration to the eduroam wireless network;
  • Public printing (Relmon);
  • First-level support for the following online services:
    • uoZone, Student Portal
      • uoZone navigation (where to find information and applications)
      • Self-serve password management
      • Google tokens (needed on certain mobile phones to sync an email client with the University’s Google Apps offering)
    • VirtuO, Employee Portal
      • VirtuO navigation (where to find information and applications)
      • Self-serve password management
    • uoCampus, Student Center
      • How to access the Student Center
      • How to navigate the Academics section (schedule, enrolment, grades, etc.)
      • How to navigate the Finances section
      • How to navigate the Personal Information section
    • Google Apps
      • How to send and receive emails
      • Configure an email account on a mobile phone
      • Add a forwarding address
      • Enable IMAP

If you have a request that falls outside of the expertise of the Service Desk student, it will be logged and addressed as a priority request the following business day.


Calls about an outage or service degradation

If the incident you are reporting is an outage or service degradation of a central system (e.g. uoZone), it will be escalated to our 24/7 emergency incident response unit.


Join our extended support team

The students working part-time for the Service Desk are hired through uOttawa’s work-study program. These positions offer students a great IT environment to learn about a diverse range of platforms, products and services. If you are interested in joining our Service Desk team, log in to uoZone and under the Applications tab, click on the Work-study navigator link. For more details about our challenging and exciting IT environment, read Why work in IT @uOttawa.

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