Terms of use

Qualitative data analysis software package

Cost: Free
Who can use it: Faculty, staff, students
License period: 3 years
System requirements: MacOS | Windows





If you encounter issues when installing this software, please contact the Service Desk for assistance. 

Working with NVivo 12

You can transfer NVivo projects between NVivo 12 Windows and NVivo Mac. Projects will have different file formats, so before converting any projects we recommend you back-up your project and understand the cross platform limitations and issues.

Please note, to work with a project in this way, you must be using the new version of NVivo for Mac with NVivo 12 (Windows), and not a combination of new and old NVivo releases. For example, users can’t work with a project in this way using the first release of NVivo for Mac and NVivo 12 for Windows.


Get started with NVivo 12

We offer online courses to help you get up and running with NVivo, so take a moment to view available courses.  You can also access free learning resources to assist your NVivo journey.


Need help?

You can use NVivo's support center to find the solution in the knowledge base. If you are not able to find your answer, contact the support by clicking on "Enterprise License" and filling the support form. The key is not necessary, but please use your @uottawa.ca address to get access to priority support. Our licence agreement entitles us to an answer within one business day and call-back support if a phone number is provided. 

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