Login to a SurveyMonkey account

Once you have created a SurveyMonkey account, login with your @uOttawa.ca credentials:

  1. Visit the SurveyMonkey website in your web browser.
  2. Click LOG IN at the top right of the SurveyMonkey menu bar. 
    SurveyMonkey home page with Log in option at top-right of screen


  3. On the following webpage, select the Log in with SSO option above the Log In button.
    SurveyMonkey log in page with opetions to login, login with SSO, or Forgot your password


  4. Enter your @uOttawa.ca email address and click the Continue button.
    SurveyMonkey credentials page, box for username and password with continue button


  5. A uOttawa authentication page will load, input your @uOttawa.ca credentials and click the Login button to authenticate. You are ready to start designing and sending surveys!
    uOttawa authentification page, includes fields for username and password and a login button


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