Print from your laptop - Relmon printer installation

You can send files to print from your laptop to any of the self-serve Relmon printers on campus.


Before you can print from your laptop, you need to install the printers on your computer. Select the instructions associated with your operating system and follow the installation procedures to get started.

Windows 7: black and white printer | colour printer

Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.10: NEW: black and white printer | colour printer

Once you start sending files to the printers, they will hold your files for four (4) hours. At each printer, there is a terminal to display and select the file(s) you want to print and a card reader to accept payment. You pay for printing in the same manner as when you use photocopiers on campus.


If you've followed the installation instructions and still cannot print from your laptop, you can get technical support from the Service Desk located in the Morisset library, room 104.

If you have problems with your copy card, please come to the docUcentre, located in the University Centre (UCU), room 0024.

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