Working remotely

Remotely worker

Work remotely like you do from your office!

Collaborate with your team, continue working as if you were in the office.  All you need is tools, and resources to work effectively. You can ensure business continuity through online collaboration and remote work, here are tips and guidelines to get you working remotely.

Security is important – IT guidelines for working remotely!

security guidelines

Work remotely empower yourself remotely!


During your remote session, it’s showtime!

worker remotely

Get help to get started and improve your remote working skills!

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Keep in touch and stay productive with MS Teams

Send large or confidential files quickly and securely

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Access your emails using a web browser

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Prepare your course for online teaching

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Sync your work files with OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Access your voicemail from outside the University

Be aware. Stay secure. Digital Self-Defence training

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