During your remote session, it’s showtime!

First, you need to set up your work laptop to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Then, using Teams in the Microsoft Office suite, there are several features that will help you work remotely while collaborating with others. Here’s a quick overview of some of the tools that offer flexibility and choices.

Option 1: Meetings

Have online meetings with a person or a group of people

  • schedule a meeting
  • attend a meeting
  • meetings can be audio & visual or just audio
  • make presentations virtually by sharing your screen in Teams during your meeting
  • for real-time meetings where the person(s) must be available at the same time
  • can be used in conjunction with in-person meetings if the room is set up for online meetings

Option 2: Chat

Send texts to a person or a few people

  • send quick questions to colleagues
  • find out if they are available or have another status set in Teams
  • easily share a link that will pop up on their screen
  • share your screen to be more productive when troubleshooting
  • some groups use it to share their priorities for the day with each other
  • for real-time conversations or asynchronous communications, the text will stay there until the person sees it

Option 3: Channel post

Share information to a regular group/team of people involved in the same group, project, or initiative

  • ideal for projects or a department
  • messages you want to share with a group of people that you deal with regularly
  • files that you want available to a group of people
  • conversations that are kept permanently so that future members joining the group will be able to go back and read       

Option 4: Whiteboard

Lets participants of Teams meetings draw, sketch, and write together on a shared digital canvas. Use whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

  • Use it as you would if you were in a conference room, jotting things on a whiteboard. 
  • Share it with other meeting attendees by email or copying and pasting the link.  
  • Save it easily at the end of your meeting without worrying about losing all that information! 

There’s a lot you can do remotely! Check out Teams training links, quick reference sheets, troubleshooting guides, and resources on our website.

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